Bettie Page Lingerie is the new line by London-based brand, Playful Promises.
Inspired by the rich history of lingerie, and some of Bettie's most iconic looks, the collection features lingerie, nightwear and accessories for the modern pin up.

Playful Promises has long been influenced by the 1940's and 50's, mixing elements into fashion-forward silhouettes that don't shy away from the naughty side. So we just jumped at the opportunity to create a true vintage inspired line that epitomizes and celebrates the rich legacy that Bettie Page left us with.

The line reflects both the cheesecake pin-up side of Bettie, as well as the equally iconic black and white fetish photos. She was famous for saying, "I was never the girl next door", a wonderfully concise way of not conforming and doing her own thing. This statement and confidence is something that women today still live by and strive for - to not be defined by pre-conceptions of how women should behave.


Long live Bettie Page, Queen of Pinups (R)!